How to install JDK 7 on Yosemite (10.10)

To install it follow these steps:

  1. Download JDK 7
  2. Open the DMG
  3. Run pkgutil --expand "/Volumes/JDK 7 Update 60/JDK 7 Update 60.pkg" "/tmp/JDK 7 Update 60.unpkg"
  4. Go to /tmp/JDK 7 Update 60.unpkg
  5. Open the Distribution file in your favorite editor (I recommend (Sublime Text)[])
  6. Change the function pm_install_check() to always return true
  7. Run pkgutil --flatten "/tmp/JDK 7 Update 60.unpkg" "/tmp/JDK 7 Update 60.pkg

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Garrick van Buren

You don’t need a new tool. You need to commit to getting more out of the ones you have.

- Garrick van Buren

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How to use Sublime Text to edit files over SSH

One of the things that I missed when swithcing from Textmate to Sublime Text was rmate, the CLI to open files in the server your are logged in over SSH in you local editor. Since I'm too lazy to learn advanced editing in vim I started searching for an alternative, and the good news is that it exists.

The first step is install rsub on Sublime Text, it's available on Package Control. Then you should change you ~/.ssh/config to

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How to fix performance problems when using NSDateFormatter

Unfortunately the majority of web services return dates in the ISO-8601 format and not in time interval. So to parse the date we end up using NSDateFormatter which is extremely slow at doing that.

But there is a way for you to improve date parsing performance, you can use the SQLite library to make the conversion. You may have to write a few more lines to get the same result, but the performance gain is totally worth it.

Let's take

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