Currently living in the Silicon Valley, I consider myself a builder, I get ideas done from paper to the final project. I love building products, but more than that, the team to build it. Over the years I specialized more in mobile, creating apps for the largest companies in Brazil.

Here you can read my thoughts, check out GitHub to see what I’m working on, Twitter to see what I’m talking about, 500px to see what I’ve been looking at, Rdio to see what I’m jamming to, or LinkedIn to know about my work background.

I co-founded and sold Galapagos Mobile 3 years ago, a mobile development boutique in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was a great experience, a lot a fun and learning while building one of the greatest team that I ever worked with (which I miss a lot having around).

I recently moved to US to work as CTO for CoffeeTable, a great catalog shopping app that help us to save trees and make shopping dangerously easier. Working with Ben Choi (CEO) on building this product was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. I'll certainly miss working with the CoffeeTable team.

Right now I am working at Westfield Labs as a Director of Engineering.