How to use Sublime Text to edit files over SSH

One of the things that I missed when swithcing from Textmate to Sublime Text was rmate, the CLI to open files in the server your are logged in over SSH in you local editor. Since I'm too lazy to learn advanced editing in vim I started searching for an alternative, and the good news is that it exists.

The first step is install rsub on Sublime Text, it's available on Package Control. Then you should change you ~/.ssh/config to forward the port that you'll be using to your local machine:

Host my_server
  RemoteForward 52698

Once that is done, log into your server (ssh my_server) e download rmate (yes, the same one we would use for Textmate) there: curl > rsubl. The last step is to move it to the bin volder and give it execution permission. In order to do that run the following:

  • sudo mv rsubl /usr/local/bin
  • sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/rsubl

From now on, as long as you have Sublime Text open in your computer, just run rsubl file.rb and it will open the file in your editor. Change it and that's it, every save on that file will auto save it remotely. It also supports sudo, so you can change your config files directly in Sublime Text.

Don't forgert to open the port in your firewall if you are using one.