How to fix performance problems when using NSDateFormatter

Unfortunately the majority of web services return dates in the ISO-8601 format and not in time interval. So to parse the date we end up using NSDateFormatter which is extremely slow at doing that.

But there is a way for you to improve date parsing performance, you can use the SQLite library to make the conversion. You may have to write a few more lines to get the same result, but the performance gain is totally worth it.

Let's take

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iOS app versioning with git tag

Wouldn't it be great if your iOS or OS X projects just take their version and build number automatically from git? Well, it can!

Using a script in your build phase, you can run a shell script to determine the version number and inject this into the Info.plist of a build.

It will change your plist based on the last git tag that you have. If that is the current SHA it will show the version as 0.9.

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Fast emoji access

One of the things Apple added to iOS 6 is the ability to add Emojis without any hacks and custom shortcuts to most used words.

With that in mind I decided to combine this together and I created my own list of Emoji shortcuts.

Here it is:


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iOS design tips

I am no designer, but I usually forget that and always get my hands dirty trying to do do some design. I believe design is at least 50% of an app, because of that I already lost the count on how many apps I bought just because of their beautiful design, it's like collecting paitings.

Over the years I gathered a few tools that help me when trying to create iOS apps, believe me, this will make your life a

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